Women entrepreneurs

where we are, where we’re going

Women business owners are a strong and important segment of America’s entrepreneurs, as the State of Women-Owned Businesses survey conducted by Web.com and the National Association of Women Business Owners shows. You’ll read about that study and more in this ebook, which Web.com created especially for women business owners.

Niche Markets

8 hot niche market to target

No small business can hope to succeed by being all things to all people. That’s why targeting niche markets is such a smart strategy for entrepreneurs. In this ebook, we spotlight eight profitable niche markets for you to consider, from the tried-and-true (Baby Boomers) to the up-and-coming (indie women).

Content Marketing

How to Make Content marketing work for you

Content marketing is today’s hottest marketing trend. How can you make content marketing work for your small business? In Web.com’s new ebook, Rieva Lesonsky, owner of GrowBiz Media, shares the latest content marketing tips, tactics and trends.

Lead Genaration

How to Generate More Leads—and Build Your Business

Generating good leads is a challenge for every small business owner. After all, without a constant flow of new customers and prospects in the sales pipeline, your sales will stagnate. In Web.com’s latest ebook, Rieva Lesonsky, owner of GrowBiz Media, shares the latest tips, trends and tactics that will help you get more and better leads, and manage them more effectively so you can convert them into sales.