If you are looking to start up a small business, there is never a better time than right now. In today’s market, there are many sectors that are predicted for high growth over the next few years – from pet to baby products. Learn more about these targeted growth business opportunities in our new eBook: “The Top 15 Small Businesses to Start Up Now”. You may discover a business that is just right for you!

The world of marketing is changing rapidly, creating both opportunities and challenges for small business owners. As online and offline marketing converge and new technologies proliferate, the stakes have never been greater. The good news is, we’re here to help! In this e-book, you’ll get a heads-up about 10 of the hottest new marketing trends for 2016 — from email marketing and social media to mobile marketing and online video. Download it for free, now and learn how these marketing methods can help you grow your small business this year, and in the years to come.

Do you use Facebook to market your small business? Welcome to the club! A whopping 93 percent of businesses surveyed in the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report do. In fact, Facebook counts over 40 million active small business pages. And most small businesses are planning to ramp up their Facebook activities even more. Staying up-to-date on Facebook marketing has become more challenging in recent years—the latest updates can have a drastic effect on the results of your marketing. If you’d like to learn more about marketing with Facebook in 2016, then download our latest free e-book: Facebook Marketing Now: What You Need to Know.

Is your small business taking full advantage of the potential of mobile marketing to reach customers and make sales? More and more consumers and B2B buyers are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to research products and services or look for local businesses. As your prospective customers reach for their mobile devices, the traditional path to purchasing has changed. Prospects now consider a wide variety of information, including both online and offline advertising and marketing, when making a decision. That means you can—and must—develop a marketing strategy that reaches out to them anytime, anywhere and on every device. Here are 20 tips, tactics and strategies for using mobile marketing to boost your business.

While most of America is still thinking about backyard barbecues and back-to-school, for ecommerce retailers, now is the perfect time to start thinking ahead to snowy days—and holiday 2015 retail sales. This year, holiday retail sales are projected to reach more than $877 billion and ecommerce is likely to account for a big share of those dollars. According to IBM, growth in ecommerce retail sales has surpassed 10 percent each quarter for the past year. Small and midsized ecommerce companies in particular, are poised for a sales surge. Will your ecommerce website be ready to grab its share of holiday shopping sales? Get your website and marketing strategy in shape for the season by downloading our new e-book and following these 17 simple steps.

Every small business today needs a business website to build its brand, attract customers and help make the sale. Some 81 percent of B2B purchases start with an online search, and 91 percent of consumers head online first when they’re looking for local businesses to buy from. But, how can you create the most effective website for your business’s particular needs? In this eBook, we’ll explain various types of websites, how to plan and design your website and what elements you need to develop a website that works for your business.

Your small business’s online reputation is everything these days. How can you create a positive online reputation for yourself and your business, maintain it and defend it against negative reviews or comments? In this e-book, Web.com shares the secrets to successfully managing your business’ social reputation today.

The power of content marketing gives small businesses an opportunity to attract customer both online and off. If you’re not using content marketing—or not sure your content marketing strategy is all that it could be—you’ll want to read this eBook to learn why content marketing matters so much, and how to use it effectively.

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Are you using inbound marketing to grow your business? In contrast to the old-fashioned “interruptive” model of marketing, such as TV or radio commercials, inbound marketing attracts customers “in” to your business through everything from content marketing and social media to SEO and paid search.

Content marketing is today’s hottest marketing trend. Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling, by creating and curating relevant content for them with the objective of driving profitable customer actions.

11 Must-Know Marketing Trends for 2014 will get you up to speed on the crucial marketing trends no small business can afford to ignore in the coming year. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know where to focus your efforts and be able to stay one step ahead of the competition, both big and small.

In this ebook, we’ll share eight steps to developing and promoting a memorable brand for your business—one that captures customers’ loyalty and boosts your sales.

Marketing your business doesn’t have to cost a bundle. Today, more than ever before, there are plenty of ways small business owners on a budget can get the word out about their products and services at little or no cost.

No small business can hope to succeed by being all things to all people. That’s why targeting niche markets is such a smart strategy for entrepreneurs. In this ebook, we spotlight eight profitable niche markets for you to consider, from the tried-and-true (Baby Boomers) to the up-and-coming (indie women).

Consumers today are in love with their smartphones and tablets, relying on these convenient mobile devices to do everything from surf the Web to shop for products and more. In this new ebook, we’ll show you how consumers are using their mobile devices, and the mobile marketing strategies that will enable you to reach them where they live—on mobile.

Generating good leads is an ongoing challenge for every small business owner. With all you do to run and grow your business, sometimes lead generation can fall by the wayside. In this new ebook, we’ll show you why leads matter, how to get more of them and how to use them effectively once you’ve got them.

According to The Boston Consulting Group, Millennials (defined in this study, as those born between 1980 and 1996) spend a whopping $1.3 trillion a year—and most of them aren’t yet at the peak of their purchasing power!