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What Email Marketing Tactics Do SMBs Use Most–and Which Are Most Effective?
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Turns out the email marketing tactics that small and midsized businesses use most often aren’t necessarily the ones with the best ROI—while some tactics that could boost results are used less frequently. Here’s a closer look at what you’re probably doing and whether it’s working.

“Creating relevant, compelling content” is the number-one email marketing strategy used by marketers in Ascend2’s Email Marketing Benchmark Summary Report. A whopping 80 percent do it. Personalization (72 percent) and segmentation (61 percent) are next on the list.

But only one of those tactics—creating relevant and compelling content—is effective for marketers. Fifty-one percent say this gets results for them, while just 15 percent say personalizing and segmenting email marketing messages does.

So how can you create more relevant and compelling content? It’s not easy – in fact, 40 percent of respondents say this is the single most difficult email marketing tactic they use. Here are some tips to help.

  • Use analytics to see which content gets the most engagement, visits, likes and shares, then create more of that type of content. For instance, if links to online videos in your emails get twice as many clicks as links to blog posts, create and share more video.
  • Different users like to devour content in different formats. Some people are visual; some like to hear things. Your emails should highlight content in a variety of formats, such as blog posts, downloadable ebooks or white papers, or links to podcasts and videos, in order to appeal to the widest variety of users.
  • Use in-house data to create new content. For instance, surveys of your customers, case studies of clients or trends you’re seeing in your industry can be fodder for relevant and exclusive content.
  • Consider adding user-generated content to your content mix. That could include customer reviews, photos, social media posts or even blog posts and articles. For instance, a pet products website could hold a contest asking users to post their cutest pet pictures, ask fans to vote on the winners, and then share the best photos in the email newsletter.

Once you’ve got your content ready to go, be sure you test your email messaging to see which subject lines, delivery times and mix of content get the best results. Then, integrate your email marketing with your other marketing channels, such as by including social media icons in your email newsletters and encouraging social media followers to sign up for your emails.

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Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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