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Find Influencers in Your City for Your Restaurant’s Twitter Account

When you’re trying to find people worth following on Twitter, you don’t want to just follow everyone when you’re first starting out. I mean, you can, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you’re trying to save some time or reach the most number of people in the shortest time, you need to reach the most influential people in your city.

We like two tools in particular that can help you find those people, the people who can motivate people to new actions, to read or visit certain websites, and even to try your restaurant.

Twitter Grader is a tool that shows a person’s Twitter rank out of a possible 100%. Anyone who is above an 80 is pretty influential, and you’ll even see a lot of 99.7s and 99.8s. While this isn’t everyone in the city, it’s at least a good indicator of who’s doing Twitter right, and has the followers to show for it. is a Twitter locator that groups people by looking at the location they put in their Twitter bio. To find influential people in your city, visit Twellowhood, drill down to it in the map, and then follow everyone who has more than 100 Twitter followers, but not over 20,000. We’re setting the bar very low, because the people with a few followers may be fairly influential, and the people with more than 20,000 may not pay much attention to you.

While there are other tools to do the same thing, we like these because they’re easy to use and fairly accurate.


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