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Founding Editor Jill Foster Returns for May’s Women Grow Business Chat

If you know anything about the history of Women Grow Business, you know that it reflects an existing offline  community of women in business.

It began with a local group of Washington DC area business women, then expanded regionally, and now, with our new home at, to a national presence.

So it seems fitting to welcome our founder, Jill Foster, back for another conversation with the Women Grow Business community. We’re honored to have her return to join us again next Monday, May 13, 2013, at noon Eastern, to discuss a favorite community topic, public speaking for business people.

Jill is a speechwriter, public speaking coach, soon-to-be-author, and founder of Live Your Talk. She has coached many of our community members and other well known business leaders to better TED speeches, and television appearances, just to name a few, not to mention being a speaker in her own right.

You can read more about Jill in the bio we did about her to introduce her last talk with our community.

How to build a storytelling war chest for your business, as a public speaker

Jill’s last public speaking chat with us was record-breaking. There were so many community questions, we didn’t get to everyone within the hour we allotted. This time we’re going to expand the storytelling focus.

In our intensely social era where business owners have countless ways to share stories online with their customers, preparing speech content uniquely for the stage often becomes a last minute priority.

But, as Jill asks: “what if there was a reliable, team-driven (fun!) way to build your speech and storytelling war chest from the get-go? What if a storytelling and speech content plan was in place to keep you and your team ready for public speaking opportunities?”

In this hearty chat we’ll discuss:

  • the foundation of a storytelling and speech content war chest “content plan” for your business & community
  • ways to audit your storytelling options for the right audiences for the right time
  • how to carve out your rough draft “talk of a lifetime TED talk” in 30 minutes
  • tactics for your team to build speaking skill and stage readiness
  • for pitches, panel events, lightning talks, on-camera features, and more.

How do you follow The #WgBiz Twitter chats?

Not familiar with Twitter? Not sure what we’re on about? We’ve got you covered.

The good news is that it’s free and anyone can join. The other good news is that if you’re not familiar with Twitter, you can join and have a look at the link to our community posts before the chat date comes up.

Here’s how to participate.

  1. Log into TwitterTweetgridTweetdeck, or any other Twitter tool that lets you isolate a hashtag.
  2. Follow our Twitter hashtag #wgbiz.
  3. Arrive as early as 11:45 a.m. if you’d like to introduce yourself, send us a link to your site, and share your latest project, as well as to meet the other chatters.
  4. Make sure you’re following the host, in this case me (@wbgiz is the official channel, while @Tinu is my personal handle), and featured guest(s) – in this case Jill Foster (@jillfoster). This way, you can easily follow the conversation, send questions during the chat, or follow up with our guest expert later.
  5. Have fun! :) Our free twitter chats are meant to be educational, sure, but also lighter fare than a teleconference or webinar.

As always, if you need a reminder, you can sign up on our Eventbrite page, which also has the date of all upcoming chats. You can also leave a comment with your Twitter handle below, and I’ll give you a nudge on Twitter that morning. We look forward to seeing you there!


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