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Friday Small Business Roundup: Beyond Social Media Basics

How Can You Motivate Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers to Buy? There’s still time–read Rieva Lesonsky’s post to get the strategies that work.

Should Your Small Business Ditch Facebook for Pinterest? You might be tempted after reading Monika Jansen’s rundown of what consumers are doing on both social media sites.

Do you get busy with business, only to neglect marketing? Read 5 Steps to Keep Your Sales Funnel Full, by Monika Jansen, and learn how to maintain a steady stream of customers.

You don’t have to have an ecommerce business to benefit from online marketing. Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post How Local Search Can Boost Your Business to find out why.

What are you doing right–and wrong–online?  Rieva Lesonsky’s The Online Marketing Habits of Highly Successful Small Businesses will tell you.

Want to go beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Check out Monika Jansen’s post 5 Services That Let You Build a Private Social Network to explore custom options for social media.

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