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Friday Small Business Roundup: A More Profitable 2013 and More

Wondering what 2013 holds? How about 2060? Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post What Will America Look Like in 2060? to find out.

How Will Small Businesses Use Technology in 2013? Maria Valdez Haubrich’s post has some predictions.

Want to make the most of both retail and ecommerce sales? Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post, Cross-Channel Marketing: How the Nation’s Top Retailers Do It, to get ideas.

Then read her post How to Spot Trends in Your Business and Turn Them Into Profits to put your business on the fast track to growth.

If you want prospects and customers to find you online, then you need to check out Monika Jansen’s post 7 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Content for Search.

If hiring employees is on your to-do list, be sure to read Karen Axelton’s post How to Be a Good Interviewer.

Are you committing one of the The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing? Read Monika Jansen’s post to find out.

    1. Hello, how are you today? I am an artist, and I’m trying to get my website started so I can show people my artwork to get my business started. My problem is putting my images on my page. I don’t know how to do that. Can anybody show me how that’s done?

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