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Friday Small Business Roundup: Effective Advertising and More

Check out this week’s Friday Small Business Roundup for tips and ideas to help grow your business.

Are your small business’s ads getting results? Read Monika Jansen’s post 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Ad Copy to make your ads even better. Then fine-tune your Facebook ads by reading her 6 New and Improved Ways to Measure the ROI of Your Facebook Ads.

Looking for a hot new market to target? Consider single Americans. Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post Hot Market: Singles to learn more.

Need customers’ feedback on your product or service? Read Maria Valdez Haubrich’s post How to Survey Customers With a Focus Group and learn how to get the scoop straight from the source.

Are you ignoring your small business website to spend all your time on social media? Big mistake. Read Rieva Lesonsky’s post Websites Still Matter More Than Social Media to find out why.

Or maybe you’re putting all your efforts into apps instead of making your website mobile-friendly. Learn why that could cost you in Rieva Lesonsky’s post Are Smartphone Apps Peaking?

Retailers and e-tailers, it’s not too early to start planning your holiday marketing strategy. Discover one smart move in Karen Axelton’s post How to Diversify Your Retail Business With a Cart or Kiosk.

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