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Get a Mobile Website for Your Business and Reach More Customers

Mobile Website from Web.comBy the end of 2013, the number of customers using mobile devices to search the Web is projected to reach 1 billion. Because customers are looking for your business on their mobile phones, it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your online presence with a mobile website.

How can a mobile website benefit your business?

When customers are looking for a business on their mobile devices, it’s not because they’re casually shopping or researching. They’re searching for a particular product or service because they have a pressing need to locate that product or service. So when you have a mobile website that appears during a user’s search-and-find mission, you let your customers know that you’re open and ready for business . . . right at the moment they need you. offers a new mobile website service that makes it easy for mobile users to find your business online. With our service, you can:

  • Launch a mobile website in minutes: With our intuitive user interface, we can create a mobile website for your business in minutes.

  • Leverage your current website address: Our technology detects when customers are using a mobile device and then presents your mobile website to them using the same domain address. That way, there’s no need to choose a new website address for your business.

  • Optimize your website for mobile users: A screen with easy-to-read icons helps users quickly navigate to the information they need.

  • Maximize your business presence: Because mobile users can search for your business anywhere, anytime, a mobile website gives your business 24×7 exposure.

Need more information about how a mobile website can benefit your business?
Call 1-800-GET-SITE to learn more about this new technology.

If you’re ready to purchase now, visit our mobile website page . . . and make your website accessible to mobile customers today!

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  1. I’ve been using a smartphone for a while now and do a lot of searches on it. I can’t believe how many businesses either don’t have a website at all or if they do, it’s not optimized for mobile browsers. When I come across one that does fit and is easy to use and loads quickly on my smartphone, I bookmark it and it does stay in my memory. It also makes me feel that the company with the mobile site is up on the latest technology and wants to make it easy for customers to contact them. Considering so few businesses have a mobile site, the ones that are, are taking most of the market and getting a lot more business. Mobile optimization is important too.

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