Great Logos of Our Time: Part One -
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Great Logos of Our Time: Part One

You know those logos that are so simple, but say it all. There are heaps of them around.  We’re gonna take a look at some of the greats this week and examine how these logos express the essence of branding for each of these companies.

First of all, it is important to distinguish you logo and your brand.  Your logo is not your brand.  Your logo won’t do your marketing for you, but over time and with the right marketing, your logo will become the footprint of your brand.

Your logo is basically a symbol that conveys your brand and becomes inextricably connected with your company in the minds of your customers.  In our blip-vert world where people’s attention span is very short and being pulled in multiple directions, it is important to have a logo that conveys multiple ideas and feelings — it is shorthand, like a bookmark in someone’s brain.  It is not unlike hieroglyphics, or the pictures on the cave walls, or the chinese alphabet.   A logo establishes a lot of information in a very abbreviated form.  And the more quickly that you capture attention, for the right reasons, the more likely it is to be imprinted on your clients brain — as just as when you meet someone, first impressions are pretty significant in determining when and how you form a relationship with a person or company — always!

There are many different kinds of logos . . . some that use typeface, others that use images . . . so much creativity can be involved.  But it important as you study these great logos that you understand that the process of designing these logos was likely an arduous, time-intensive process with many people involved.   Conveying a lot of information in a tiny mark — representing the whole of your company and what you offer — is no easy task, and requires a good bit of thought.   At the end of the day, it is really how people feel when they look at your logo that is the determinant of success . . . you want your logo to be expressive of who you are, and appealing to your target audience, too — so that they have a felt response.  If your logo doesn’t do this, then it will be easily forgotten, which does not bode well for your company.

So stay tuned for tomorrow — we’ll start looking at logos!


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