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Guerrilla Mentoring Giveaway! #sisUdc #wgbiz

The Hot Momma’s Project Guerrilla Mentoring program being held this Saturday in Washington DC is officially sold out. If you’ve been waitlisted, you’re in luck! We’re picking a commenter at random to get a free ticket to the event!

To enter, all you need to do is make a comment on this post telling us why you want to attend. Again, the winner will be picked at random, we’d just like to find out later how close you came to your goals for a possible follow-up article about your experience.

We’ll notify the winner on Thursday at 3 pm Eastern time via email. (So make sure you use an email you check on a regular basis when you fill out the commenting form!) We’ll also try and notify you via Twitter if you’ve filled out that information.

What’s Guerrilla Mentoring?

In a nutshell, it’s a process that takes the best information and processes for mentoring – the same ones used by million dollar executives – and distills what usually takes 100 hours to kick in, into a two hour period. It’s not just for those who’d like to be mentored – if you’d like, you can learn how to BE a mentor too.

Here’s more from the sign-up page:

What you’ll learn at Guerrilla Mentoring:

  • Women with mentors are more successful and have higher confidence. But, did you know that the number of mentors you have also impacts success factors? You’ll link in with the network to unlock the tools to find them and gain access to this proprietary data.
  • Not sure what to say to your mentor? We’ve got you covered. See above. You’re in the right network once you attend a Hot Mommas event.
  • Want to be a mentor yourself? Participate in the most addictive mentorship exercises ever- live. This was the hands down favorite exercise at #sisUdc – our annual university event – and we’re bringing it back in a focused format.
  • All this and more is brought to you by the Hot Momma’s Project, run by the Chief Hot Momma, Kathy Korman Frey.

    Wait. What’s a Hot Momma?

    In the Words of the Hot Mommas Project:

    Enter now and you can win our first Women’s History Month prize!


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    1. Wow – no comments? Ladies….Tinu is giving away her very own ticket. This is a great opportunity to learn a peer mentoring process that is used by million dollar executives (they invest up to 100 hours per year in it!)…and we’ve whittled it down to two – for you. Seems miraculous, I know, but we’re just that good. Thoughts of a typical attendee may include, “Goals…what are those…I’m too busy reacting to everyone and everything in my life.” Or, “I DO have this goal, but, I am just not sure how to get it moving forward.” What if you’ve just wanted to seek advice of some really smart mentors? This is your place to get a jumpstart. My class at GW is the recipient of a National Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award, and the Hot Mommas Project learning series (SisU) raises confidence and key success factors 66 percent in three hours and 200 percent in a semester. And now…you can’t say you don’t know! We’re full and sold out. We bring all of this expertise to you – so get in on it. 

      •  @ChiefHotMomma I’m betting we have a taker today – it IS International Women’s Day! Most people read the mid-week posts via email, which has about a 12 hour delay. Thank you SO much for commenting. And making it so much clearer what the value of the prize is. 🙂

        •  @Tinu Good to know – you are a good woman for giving up your own ticket!

          •  @ChiefHotMomma Hard decision. I had an event conflict out of town. Can’t miss the next one.

          •  @Tinu I know you’ll get there eventually!

    2. Wow, awesome giveaway! I’d love to win a free ticket, but am not sure I can make it this Saturday. I’ve enjoyed following Chief Hot Momma on FB and Twitter and would really like the opportunity to learn more about guerrilla mentoring from the pros.

      •  @BeltwayBargain You are great. We are also applying it to a virtual mentoring module of our digital classroom if folks can’t make it.

        •  @ChiefHotMomma That’s really generous! @BeltwayBargain Yeah, she’s awesome. Thanks for entering!

    3. I’m a hot momma at heart! (no kids though). I’ve been to guerrilla mentoring and it was great. My focus though was my business. As I’ve moved forward on my entrepreneurial goals, I’ve realized in recent weeks that I’ve got a personal goal I haven’t figured out how to navigate. And in a lot of ways I keep tripping up on it. 
      The best thing about SisU events is that you come away with a clear action plan. Is guerrilla mentoring something we should do more than once? 

      •  @dcIfy I don’t have kids either, still consider myself a hot momma. I would do guerrilla mentoring more than once because the first time you go through it, you’re probably more on the “mentee” side, if you will, but then the next time, you can focus on sharpening your mentor goals. Plus, you could get montored to help reach one goal and then find yourself with another. What do you think @ChiefHotMomma ?

        •  @Tinu  @dcIfy Oh PS – Hot Momma is “Dynamic Woman” – you don’t have to be a momma to be a “Hot Momma”! Our whole learning series is branded under #SisU – Our University each fall, Guerrilla Mentoring, and our Digital Classroom. This is the Sisterhood of Success. I agree with what Tinu is saying completely.

      •  @dcIfy Oh sure. The format off of which Guerilla Mentoring is based is actually a monthly format. We’ve had folks ask us to run the sessions monthly. Of course, I am refusing – because, you know, I like to be difficult. No, really – we’re actually starting with quarterly + SisU and piloting a train the trainer licencsing model wherein women can run their own Guerrilla Mentoring sessions for a fee using our model. We’re also coming out with a Guerrilla Mentoring guide so women can run their own groups (no fee). We’re business women – get down on it! So, Ify, we’re just happy you’re not one of the people stalking us to do this each month! Thank you – and, of COURSE you can do this more than once. We suggest you get together with a group of your own EACH MONTH!

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