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Highlights of Our January Women in Business Discussion featuring Ann Smarty (@seosmarty)

On January 12, 2014, we were privileged to have Ann Smarty as our guest for the Women Grow Business chat, previously held exclusively on Twitter. The topic was “The Marketing and SEO Benefits of Proper Guest Blogging.“

twitter-chat-bird-wgbizFor months there have been requests via social media for a guest expert who is an expert on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and blogging.

We had some guests scheduled for later in the year who were one or the other, but none that were both. Since we’d also had specific requests for Ann, the community was thrilled to find that that she was available for January.

How thrilled? Record-breaking thrilled – but we’ll come back to some of our chat stats momentarily.

Ann runs MyBlogGuest, and has been in SEO for over seven years. She was also editor-in-chief for one of the top SEO publications, Search Engine Journal.

The Surprising Top Benefit of Guest Blogging- & the Chat Archive

Normally I’d share the most retweeted answer given by our guest expert. But as you’ll see in the archive of discussion posts [pdf|csv], the most retweeted answer doesn’t make sense out of context.

Plus the next most retweeted comment has more goodies. 🙂 Don’t say I never look out for you.

We asked Ann Smarty, considered to be one of the top experts on guest blogging, “What would you say is the top benefit of guest blogging?”

Her first response:

She then expanded on her somewhat controversial answer, one that included a nifty Slideshare presentation on the subject.

The standard answer to this question often has to do with establishing links and traffic, and as people who also work in digital marketing, we agreed that those benefits are secondary. And the results Ann gets, as well as those of people under her tutelage, speak for themselves.

Record-Breaking Twitter Chat

The stats of our last Twitter chat were staggering. Our collective 482 tweets reached a potential audience of 1,330,842 people. The last time we had a wider reach was when we had Ann Handley with us this past August.

Of course, one always takes a metric like potential reach with a grain of salt – there’s no way of knowing if the estimated number of people that would be lurking and actively observing is that high.

But as anyone who has ever moderated a successful Twitter chat knows, the point of the chat is not to simply generate high stats, to elevate the status of the moderator and participants, or even the guest.

The point is to serve the community the chat is intended for, on the platform they desire, in a way that allows them to easily share education with their peers and audience. The fact that is creates trust and increases visibility for the organization that runs or sponsors the chat, the moderator or the guest is secondary to that primary aim.

Hopefully that will translate to the on-site discussions we’ll be having to replace the monthly Twitter chat. As soon as the last details are sorted out, we’ll let you know how you can participate. In the meantime, don’t forget to register so that you’ll have full visibility of the upcoming discussion for February, and be able to ask questions of your own.

See you then!

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