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Honoring Women Who Tech’s May 12th Telesummit: a Video Conversation with Panelist Shireen Mitchell on Community Influence

Out of enthusiasm for this week’s WomenWhoTech telesummit (which Network Solutions is a proud sponsor), below is re-posted, originally published last week on Women Grow Business).

While pondering The Matrix, I’m pretty sure that when Morphius said to Neo “You’re The One!” that Neo really meant to reply back with:

“I dunno man, you better consult Shireen on that.”

Shireen Mitchell knows technology.

And in many tech and political spaces she’s known as ‘the one’ to go to for making digital education more accessible to those underserved. She founded Digital Sisters, co-produced Social Media Women of Color, and is one of Washingtonian’s Top 100 DC Tech Titans for 2009. We recently caught up, discussing authentic perceptions of community impact and influence especially regarding women of color within social media.

More on this conversation: WomenWhoTech’s Telesummit
Shireen is scheduled to further engage in these topics at this year’s WomenWhoTech’s telesummit, a strong gathering of thought leaders addressing key sector issues May 12th (check more below on the telesummit’s panels).

Shireen Mitchell: a (4) minute conversation


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