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Hot Mobile Market: Young Men
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If your small business targets young men aged 18 to 34 as customers, mobile marketing is one of the best ways to reach them. A new eMarketer report, Taking the Measure of Millennial Men: As Sort-of-Grownups, as Digital Users, as Consumers, sheds some light on how young men are using mobile technology and what it means for marketers.

Young men are feeling good about themselves. In general, they make more money than young women and are happier with their careers. The digital world is a huge part of their lives, not just for entertainment but also for researching and shopping, and they depend heavily on smartphones for all aspects of their daily lives.

Young men are far more likely than adults in general to have a smartphone (70 percent do, compared to 71 percent of young women). eMarketer estimates that by 2017, 92.1 percent of young men will have smartphones. In addition, 49.6 percent are projected to have tablets by the end of the year, and 57.2 percent by 2017.

Young men are spending more time as the sole or primary shopper in their homes, and are using mobile devices to do it. Drawn to m-commerce by convenience, some 40 percent of young men wish they could buy “everything” online, and young men are more likely than women or men in other age groups to:

  • shop on auction sites (43 percent do so, compared to 33 percent of men overall and 26 percent of women overall)
  • use shopping apps on their mobile phones (30%, compared to 19 percent of men overall and 15 percent of women overall)
  • use retail store apps (27 percent, compared to 18 percent of men overall and 14 percent of women overall)
  • ask for price matches using mobile phones (25 percent, compared to 17 percent of men overall and 11 percent of women overall) use their phones to scan item codes and find the best price (25 percent, compared to 17 percent of men overall and 12 percent of women overall)
  • shop for/purchase items on mobile phones (24 percent, compared to 15 percent of men overall and 9 percent of women overall).

What else are young men likely to do on their smartphones?

  • Access a social network (67 percent)
  • Browse the Internet (78 percent)
  • Search for restaurants and bars (39 percent)
  • Play computer games (42 percent)
  • Watch online video (35 percent)

What does it mean for your business? If your primary target market is young men, it’s more important than ever for you to have a mobile strategy in place.

  • Make sure your business can be found online in local search directories and that your website is optimized for mobile use so that when they find it, they can easily get the information they need.
  • Make shopping on your website easy to do on a mobile device. Young men like simplicity, so drill down to make your shopping and checkout as easy as possible (think Amazon).
  • Reach out to them with mobile marketing messages at times and on days they’re likely to be looking for what you sell. can ensure your website is mobile-friendly to reach mobile shoppers. Learn more


Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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