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How Do Millennials Find Your Website?

How do young adult Millennial consumers–the always-on, social-sharing, mobile generation—look for businesses, products and services online? Surprisingly, they still turn primarily to good, old-fashioned search engines, according to a recent study by Telefonica reported in MediaPost. The poll of more than 1,000 U.S. Millennials age 18 and up found more than half (57 percent) turn to search engines when they’re seeking information on restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and services.

Although almost as many Millennials (52 percent) say they also use social media when seeking information about restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and services, the Internet was viewed as the preferred source of information overall. Millennials also get information about restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and services from:

  • daily deal Websites–nearly a quarter (24 percent) of Millennials report having used a daily deal site in the past six months
  • Peer-reviewed websites—about one-fifth (22 percent) use such sites to get information
  • Critic-reviewed websites (19 percent)
  • emails from companies or brands (18 percent)

As to what Millennials are doing online, the top activity is still one that’s relatively old-fashioned: email. When asked to rank their top activities online, email was cited by 88 percent, surfing websites by 81 percent, using social media by 80 percent and shopping by 74 percent.

A couple things that are important to keep in mind, MediaPost notes:

  • Whatever Millennials do online, their primary form of communication is mobile. Whether they’re reading your emails or visiting your website to make a purchase, the experience needs to be optimized for mobile use to reach this on-the-go crowd.
  • Millennials expect a connected, multichannel and multi-device experience when interacting with your brand. Whether you’re reaching out to them via email, social media or online ads to attract them to your website during a search, it’s all part of the overall experience, and needs to have the same simplicity, ease of use and overall look and feel.

What can you learn from these stats?

  • Email still works when marketing to Millennials, but for best results, be sure it’s integrated with your other tools. For instance, your emails should include links to social media, encourage sharing (since Millennials are communal and learn about businesses from other Millennials) and, of course, link to your website.
  • Millennials are budget-conscious and consider daily deals part of their normal purchasing process, so if you haven’t already tried one of these sites as a marketing tool, consider giving it a shot.

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Rieva Lesonsky

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