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How The Latest Facebook Changes Affect Your Business’s Facebook Page
4 February 2014
Angry at Facebook

If you have no idea what is going on with Facebook, don’t worry – trying to keep up with their continual algorithm changes is like trying to keep up with who is dating (or divorcing) who in Hollywood.

While it is a pain in the neck to keep up with Facebook’s changes, keep in mind that they are making these changes based on the way we are using the network. If certain types of status updates are not generating engagement, they’ll be hidden in the News Feed. Facebook’s goal is to weed out the stuff we don’t care about, and that is not an easy task. Hence, the constant changes as they tweak, tweak, and tweak some more.

With that said, Facebook has rolled out a bunch of changes recently, so here is what you need to know and how they will affect your Facebook Page:

Text-only status updates get rewarded…

Facebook noticed that text-only status updates from friends get liked and commented on and make us more likely to share our own updates. Those text-only posts from friends now get priority in our News Feed. (Yes, this won’t affect your business’s Page, but it’s good to know.)

…but not if they come from a Page

The opposite is true for Pages. Text-only status updates on a business Page do not get the same kind of engagement, so Facebook has changed their algorithm to treat Pages and friends differently.

What does that mean for your Page? Go with images, videos, and graphics – whatever generates the most engagement (like, sharing, commenting). Also, include links (see below).

Sponsored Stories will be discontinued

Organic reach was on a downward spiral, probably because Pages were not posting engaging content. So, Facebook introduced Sponsored Stories as the solution, but it is being discontinued in April (I’m guessing it’s because they are not increasing engagement).

If Sponsored Stories works for you – if it increases reach and engagement – great, continue using it. I do not doubt that Facebook is cooking up a new ad program with the goal of increasing relevancy AND reach, so it’ll be interesting to see what is coming down the pike.

Adding a link embeds a story in your status updates

This change will help you create more visually-heavy status updates, so it’s a good thing. If you add a link to your status update, whether it’s one of your blog posts or just an article you saw online, that link will automatically embed the story in your update, pulling in the header, an image and a snippet of the content.

What do you think of these most recent changes? How will they affect your Facebook marketing strategy?

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