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How to Combine Viral Content to Really Turbocharge Your Marketing

Viral contentAny small business owner’s dream is to create content that goes viral. Your online presence will be dramatically boosted with increased traffic to your site, chatter about you online, and links back to your site. Of course, the hope is that sales increase too!

In an effort to turn that dream into reality, how about combining pieces of content that already have the tendency to go viral?

First, let’s look at the 6 basic types of viral content:

1. Data

Statistical analysis, studies, and surveys all yield number-rich information that people love. Add analysis, opinion and commentary to really increase its value.

2. Case Studies

Numbers are great, but people relate more to real-life stories – not to mention that they are much more interesting and engaging than a graph or chart.

3. Videos

Short videos deliver your message in a fun, engaging, and entertaining way. They can be much more effective than static text.

4. SlideShare Presentations

You can turn your most popular, successful, and or funny presentations into SlideShare presentations, making them easy to find, share, and view online.

5. Infographics

When done right, infographics turn heavy statistics and information into a fun and easily digestible visual.

6. Newsjacking

Use breaking or just-plain-big news events as a jumping off point for content.

Now, let’s look at a few ideas of how to combine these beyond the obvious data + infographic:

Video + infographic = Adding a video to an infographic can help people readily grasp a brand new concept or idea.

Newsjacking + video = There are endless possibilities here – you could go Saturday Night Live satirical or Saturday Evening News serious.

Case study + SlideShare presentation = A doubly engaging way to tell stories.

Data + case study = Back up what you have been saying with data that proves your hypotheses.

Newsjacking + case study or SlideShare presentation = Spin a positive or negative situation or event into a “lessons learned” case study or presentation.

Video + case study = Film engaging customers and let them tell their success story around your product or service in their own words.

What other ways would you combine viral content?

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Monika Jansen

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