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How to Design a Beautiful Ebook

I have been working on an ebook for one of my clients, and though I am not a graphic designer, good design does interest me – a lot. So, I decided to do some research into what design tricks elevate an ebook from “nice” to “visually arresting.”

Believe it or not, I didn’t find anything in my search that answered the question. However, being the resourceful person I am, I just started opening up ebooks I have downloaded over the past few years to see what great design elements popped out at me. Here is what I noticed in the ebooks I consider to be most beautifully designed:

Use a bold font and bold graphics

A classic font, like Helvetica or Arial, is best for your ebook. They are simple and modern, easy on the eye, and won’t get distorted on tablets or phones.

Similarly, bold, simple graphics convey your message with a quick glance. Add images with too much detail, and your reader will end up trying to decipher what it means instead of reading the ebook.

Be liberal with white space

When looking through all of the ebooks I’ve enjoyed reading, one thing pops out at me: Every page has a lot of white space. Not only does it help the design look cleaner, but you can better focus on what matters: headers and content.

Spend time on the cover

Your cover does not need the services of an illustrator or graphic designer (though there’s nothing wrong with hiring one!), but it does need to be bold and eye-catching. Use a standard font for your header and subheader, add a small image (if you’d like), and insert your logo, and make sure there is more white space than not.

Write subheaders

Subheaders keep the points and topics in your ebook organized and help your reader understand what is in the chapter. I would even use subheaders for your book title and chapter titles, as that extra context can really help grab your readers’ attention.

Integrate visual branding

Highlight keywords, hyperlinks, and graphic elements using one bold, color from your visual branding. This will help tie your ebook back to your brand and make it look like yours. Carry that style through to your other ebooks.

Highlight key elements

If you add takeaways, questions to think about, quotes, or did-you-knows, highlight them so the reader doesn’t skim over them. Write them in a text box, or simply wrap them in an outside border.

What other elements do you think elevate an ebook visually?

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