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How to Forward Unused Domain Names
8 February 2013

If you purchase more than one domain name — say, and — because you want to point them at your primary domain name, (see our previous posts about [[LINK]] choosing domain names), you have two choices.

One, you create a website and/or blog for each domain name. This can get pricey and time consuming. Two, you forward those domain names to your primary website. This is free, and you only do it once.

You can forward any other domain names, including other top-level domains (.net, .org, .biz), typos and misspelled domains (, to your primary domain name, and capture all of that traffic.

If you’re using Network Solutions (which owns the GrowSmartBiz site), forwarding your unused domains is easy.

1. Open your Account Manager, and select My Domain Names.
2. Choose the unused domain name to manage.
3. In the green box, choose Change Where Domain Points.
4. Type in the URL of your primary domain name, and save it.
5. Repeat with every other domain you have.

While you may not want to promote each of these domains on a regular basis, it wouldn’t hurt to have these in your back pocket for the times that you need them. Then, if you ever need to roll out a landing page or microsite, you already own the domain name.


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