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Generating good leads is an ongoing challenge for every small business owner. With all you do to run and grow your business, sometimes lead generation can fall by the wayside. In this new ebook, we’ll show you why leads matter, how to get more of them and how to use them effectively once you’ve got them.

First, you’ll learn which types of leads are the most valuable for small businesses and marketers. You’ll also discover how making a few simple changes to your website design can transform your site into a lead generation machine.

Content marketing and social media marketing are two of today’s hottest trends. We’ll reveal how smart marketers use them to get more leads. But good old-fashioned networking can work, too. Find out how tapping into your existing contacts can quickly power up your lead generation program. Last, but not least, we’ll discuss how to effectively manage leads so they don’t slip through your fingers.

Implement the ideas in this ebook, and you’ll have more leads than you can handle! Now, wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have?

Table of Contents
  • What Leads Are Most Valuable?
  • 6 Steps to Designing a Website That Generates Leads
  • How Smart Marketers Use Content Marketing to Generate New Leads
  • Survey Says: Social Media Does Generate Leads...and Sales
  • Where Do Most Leads Come From?
  • 5 Easy Ways to Generate More Leads
  • Get More Leads by Tapping Your Connections
  • 8 Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Leads
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