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How to Get Better Results From Your Transactional Emails

Do you send your customers transactional emails such as emails to thank them for signing up for your site, confirm their order was placed, notify them when the product was shipped, or approve a product return or exchange? Smart small business owners know that more than just a transaction, such emails can also be a marketing opportunity. Customers like it when you provide them with information about their purchases such as confirming order details or alerting them to estimated delivery dates, and this puts them in a more receptive frame of mind to do even more business with you.

So how can you use your transactional emails as marketing tools without annoying customers? Here are some tips.

  • Make sure your email is accurate, personalized and contains all the necessary information the customer needs for the transaction. Getting the transaction right creates trust, which is essential to paving the way for additional purchases.
  • Make sure your email is visually appealing and conveys your brand. Transactional emails are often treated like an afterthought, as opposed to marketing emails, which are usually well designed and attractive. Your transactional email should use recognizable design elements such as your business logo and the same fonts and colors found on your business website.
  • Use a to-the-point subject line such as “Order Confirmation from YourCompanyName” or “Your Skechers Shoe Order from XYZ Co.” Don’t try to be clever, cute or use a marketing-related subject line—this may get your email deleted instead of opened and saved.
  • Thank the customer for the action, purchase or transaction, and be sure to include information about how the customer can contact you if they have questions or need additional help. This should include customer service phone numbers, emails or links to chat.
  • Include promotions or special offers only after the transactional elements of the email. You could include a discount off the next purchase, a gift certificate good for a limited time, or photos of and links to complementary products based on the transaction the email is referencing.
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered. Make sure the marketing element doesn’t overwhelm the key information the user needs about the transaction. It’s a good idea to limit marketing to 20-30 percent of the content. If the email gets too long and unwieldy, the user may feel frustrated and struggle to find the transactional information they need.

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