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How to Grow Your Restaurant’s Twitter Network

The best way to grow your restaurant’s Twitter network is by following people who are likely to visit you. That means local people, not people who live in other states, not celebrities, not other companies. Here are three ways you can grow your restaurant’s Twitter network quickly.

1. Put your Twitter handle on your menu. Give people a 5% discount or free soft drink for following you and then tweeting a message with your handle in it. While that may seem like a premium cost, keep in mind that you’re not only getting a new follower, you’re getting word of mouth marketing out of it too. Some marketers would pay $5 apiece for a contact like that.

2. Follow people in your city. Use to find people in your area. Also, look for #hashtags about certain local events or festivals, and follow people who live in the area. Talk with them on Twitter after the festival as well, and invite them to your restaurant.

3. Follow who your competition follows. Go to the competition’s Twitter page, see who they’re following, and then follow them. You want to follow the people they are following, rather than the ones who are following them, because they’re (hopefully) following locals. But they can have all sorts of spam accounts following them, so you don’t want to bother with that. Also, don’t worry about following celebrity accounts and national brands. They won’t be patrons, so save your energy.


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