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How to Market to Hispanic Online Shoppers
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U.S. Hispanics are more likely than the average consumer to engage in many online behaviors, including using mobile devices and social media. Now data from Experian Marketing Services finds they’re also more likely than the average person to shop online. The study of ecommerce activity from June to November 2013 found Hispanics were 21 percent more likely than the general population to visit the top 500 retail websites.

One reason Hispanics visit ecommerce sites more often is their greater use of smartphones—more than half (54 percent) of Hispanic smartphone owners use their mobile browser to visit a shopping site each month. Not only are Hispanics more likely than the average smartphone owner to visit retail websites with their smartphones, they also spend more time on the sites when they do visit.

It’s no wonder, then, that Hispanic smartphone owners are twice as likely as non-Hispanic smartphone owners to be open to getting ads on their phones. In addition, nearly six in 10 are more likely than average to purchase products they see advertised on their phone, while 13 percent are more likely to say they use their phone while shopping to find local deals.

While the differences aren’t as great when it comes to social media, Hispanics still lead the pack. The study found 69 percent of Hispanics in the survey use social media once a day, compared to 62 percent of non-Hispanics. Hispanics in the survey are 6 percent more likely to follow businesses on social media, and are more likely to access social media on a wide variety of devices, including smartphone Web browsers and apps, gaming consoles and tablet computers. (They’re less likely than average to use social media on a PC.)

How can you target Hispanic consumers and get them to your ecommerce site?

  • Make sure your site is optimized for mobile browsers, since Hispanics are highly likely to view your site this way. However, don’t worry as much about a mobile app; Hispanics are more likely to use browsers than retail apps to visit ecommerce sites.
  • Get social. Make sure your social media posts are suited for viewing on a wide range of platforms and devices.
  • Try social media advertising. Hispanics are 30 percent more likely than the average consumer to buy products they see advertised on social media websites—so if you haven’t tested the social media advertising waters, now could be the time. can create an ecommerce site that attracts your target customers. Learn more.  

Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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