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How to Measure Email For Engagement and Sales
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Last month, I wrote about 3 things you need to do to create engaging email, tips I picked up from Marketo in their very comprehensive, 156-page ebook, The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing.

Creating more engaging emails is awesome, but it’s really important to measure the results to ensure what you are doing is not only engaging, but leading to a boost in sales.

Here are their tips on how to measure your emails for both engagement and sales:

First of all, it’s important to understand that one or two email marketing metrics really don’t mean anything on their own. Instead, you need to look at 6 basic metrics:

  1. Sent – This number tells you one thing: how big your list is.
  2. Delivered – This is different than “sent.” Delivered means the email actually made it through the server and spam filters into inboxes.
  3. Open rate – The best way to get more people to open your emails is by sending it from a name recipients will recognize and writing an attention-grabbing headline.
  4. Click-through rate (CTR) – You want to get people onto your website, so a great call-to-action is a must for a good CTR. Try offering a deal for a limited time (or to a limited number of people). Scarcity can boost demand.
  5. Unsubscribe, and
  6. Spam rates – These last two metrics need no explanation; they are basically email “fails.”

To measure engagement, view all of the above actions together as one measure, not six. If every measure is high, you have high engagement. If it’s mixed, you have so-so engagement. If every measure is in the toilet, you had little to no engagement.

Now, let’s look at the sales impact of those emails. Here’s what to do manually (marketing automation software does this for you):

Count all touches

Customers rarely take one action before buying – they might read a few emails, go to your Facebook page, go to your website a few times, etc. Count each “touch” taken.

Track final actions

Keep track of what action people take prior to purchasing. You might find that they all convert in one or two places.

A/B test emails

Divide your segments into two equal groups and send each a different version of an email. You’ll be able to attribute all actions to the marketing effort, not a person’s behavior.

You now know what people are doing prior to purchase, what is triggering their purchase, and, specifically in emails, what call-to-action works best, either to trigger a click-through or purchase.

How do you measure the success of your email marketing?

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