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How to Promote Your Ecommerce Site

Your ecommerce site is not the Field of Dreams baseball diamond. People will not come just because you built it. You need to promote it, both online and offline, in order to get people to visit. Here are four ways to promote your site and bring in some shopping traffic.

1. Buy an easy to remember domain name.

Make your web address short and memorable. Don’t just buy something because you need the keywords. is much better than

2. Get a Twitter account under your own name.

Communicate with people on Twitter as yourself, not your company. Get people to trust and like you, and form real relationships. You don’t constantly talk about your business with your friends, so don’t do it on social media. These are online friendships, and if people like and trust you, they’ll support you.

3. Practice GOOD SEO

If you read a lot of ecommerce how-to sites, you’ll see all kinds of advice on how to game the Google system. Ignore all of it. Google is constantly refining their algorithms to catch people gaming the system and penalizing them. If you practice any “black hat,” or even “gray hat,” techniques, you could find yourself in Google’s penalty box for weeks, or even permanently.

4. Start a blog

Start a blog on your site, and write about the different problems your product or service can solve. Talk about the importance of protecting yourself from the sun, the fashion implication of baseball hats, dress codes for baseball caps, and even famous baseball caps in history.


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