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How to Promote Your Store’s Items with Pinterest

A couple days ago, we talked about how you can promote your store with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way for people to share cool photos of things they have done, things they want, and even ideas for things they would like to do. We wanted to talk a little more about how you can use Pinterest successfully for your own gift shop.

We’ve seen food recipes, things to build, and things to buy. Pinterest is a good way for people to communicate simply and easily, and even use it to manage special events, like a wedding registry.

1. Start by growing your network.

Add people to your Pinterest network by following them. Since social media is based on reciprocity, people will follow you back. And as you re-pin and comment on their items, they’ll do the same for you (plus you may find some great stuff to bring into your store). If you already have a big Twitter or Facebook following, import those users into your network for a quick network boost.

2. Post photos of your best inventory online.

You can either use Instagram and share photos to your Facebook page or upload the photos to your Flickr or Picasa account, and then pin those. Create a board of “Cool Stuff In Our Store,” and let people know what you’re sharing.

3. Pin photos directly from your ecommerce store.

We talked about building an ecommerce store yesterday. If you actually have one, pin photos of your inventory. If someone clicks the photo to be taken back to the original source, which many people do, they will be taken right to your store’s page and that particular item. If they’re impulse buyers, you may get a sale out of it.


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