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How to Set up a Google Alert
19 October 2012

To set up a Google Alert, visit, sign in with your Gmail account (set one up if you don’t have one). Next, put in your name and company name as separate searches. If you have a common misspelled name, do a search for that too.

Put quotes around your whole name. That tells Google to look for exactly that phrase. Otherwise, without the quotes, they look for pages with all the words on it, whether in a string together or not.

Set the results type for Everything, because that looks for web pages, blog posts, news, videos, forum discussions, and books.

Set the frequency to Once a day, rather than Once a week or As-it-happens. You don’t want to be bombarded and you want to be notified more quickly than once a week.

Have it send All the results, rather than the Best results, because you need to know everything that comes out about you. You may end up dialing it back to Best Results later once you get more comfortable with it.

Google Alerts will end up being a great time saver for you in your reputation management efforts, because you’ll otherwise have to do a daily Google search for your name and other keywords just to keep up with everything going on.


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