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How to Use Online Video to Market Your B2B Business
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Online video is growing more popular with consumers by the day—and now it’s becoming a tool for B2B marketers, too, says a new eMarketer report, “B2B Video Marketing: Best Practices for 2014.” The reason B2B marketers are spending more time and money on online video is simple: B2B buyers are spending more time watching it to learn about new products and services in their industries.

Online video is not only highly effective as a lead generator and education tool, but in some cases, it can even make the sale. An IDG study found that after watching an online video, B2B tech buyers reported having:

  • Researched a product – 72 percent
  • Visited a vendor website or contacted a vendor to get more information – 54 percent
  • Purchased a product – 46 percent
  • Added the vendor to their “shortlist” for consideration – 28 percent

So how can you ensure your online video marketing efforts get results? eMarketer offers these tips for using online video effectively in B2B:

  1. Tell a good story. Just like everyone who watches video, B2B buyers enjoy getting caught up in a good story. How can you dramatize what your product or service does for clients? Create a story with a beginning, middle and an end that generates suspense or questions and makes viewers want to keep watching.
  2. Make it visual. Film is a visual medium, but many small business owners get caught up in words and create videos that feature themselves sitting in front of a computer reading a script. Enlist a professional video studio to help if you don’t have the quality of equipment and talent you need in-house to create your vision—or check out services like Animoto or Goanimate that let you create animated videos.
  3. Remember, people like to laugh. Humor is memorable, engaging and keeps people watching. Funny videos are also more likely to get shared on social media, which widens your reach. Even the dullest (sometimes, especially the dullest) topic can become entertaining with the injection of a little humor. For example, create a humorous story of a B2B buyer with a problem that other buyers can relate to and how your product or service helped him or her solve it.
  4. Don’t focus on features. It’s easy for B2B videos to turn into a laundry list of product or service features. Remember the golden rule of marketing: sell benefits, not features. Focus on how your product or service helps the customer do something better, save money, get accolades from her boss, get promoted…you get the idea.

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