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Important Stats About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing continues to grow as smartphone adoption increases, but a lot of companies are failing to capitalize on this growing opportunity. This leaves the door wide open for forward-thinking business owners and marketers to dominate this still-young marketing channel.

Earlier this month, the group released our Small Business Mobile Survey, and we were excited about the number of different opportunities in the mobile marketing arena right now.

Photo of an iPhone looking at a website with an iPhone on it

Let's face it, these things are getting popular.

To start with, according to comScore, there are 234 million US mobile phone consumers. That’s out of 313 million people in the US. Of that 234 million, 82.2 million use a smartphone. That’s 1 in every 2.84 people who own an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

People are using their smartphones to do searches on Google’s search engine or Google Maps, read reviews about products and businesses, visit websites about those products and businesses, and even make purchases or reservations.

All right there on their phone.

Your next customer could be sitting out in the parking lot, doing some mobile research, deciding whether they even want to come into your store in the first place.

Thanks to mobile marketing, you could gain or lose a customer before they ever set foot in your place.

Mobile marketing is going to be key to future growth. At least that’s what 69% of US small businesses believe. According to our survey, 64% of businesses will consider increasing their mobile spend this year.

This is a great opportunity for mobile marketing agencies and professionals. Nearly 2/3 of your potential clients are ready to do more mobile web — mobile marketing, web design, content development, localized SEO.

And they’re going to need it, because 60% of small businesses have a website (great opportunity for desktop web designers for that other 40%), while only 26% of them have a mobile-friendly website (same layout and content, but easily fits on a mobile phone or tablet device), and 14% have a stand-alone mobile site (content and layout designed specifically for mobile).

Of course, if you’re like most people, you barely have enough time to do what you’re already doing, let alone doing something new. In fact, 64% of respondents do their own marketing, and they’re saying that time and resources are already limited. Adding one more tool to the marketing toolbox may be more than they can handle.

To us, this presents two different opportunities for small businesses: 1) an outsourced mobile web design and mobile marketing company, and 2) an outsourced anything else — accounting, public relations, commercial cleaning, HR — that will free up an owner’s time so they can focus on the things that help them make money.

Mobile marketing is going to be an amazing new opportunity for a lot of small businesses, as the number of smartphone users grow, and as more consumers start using their phones for search, research, and shopping. And the businesses that are going to dominate in that arena are the ones who take advantage of the relatively slow adoption of this marketing channel.

About the author: is the president and founder of Firebelly Marketing. He is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and photographer, and he’s working on his first social media marketing book, which will be out in late 2012. Duncan has lived on 3 continents and in 5 countries, but is proud to call Indianapolis home.

Photo credit: jessamyn (Flickr, Creative Commons)


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