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Is Your Business Website Meeting Customers’ Expectations?
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What do customers today want from your small business website? Speed, according to LivePerson’s second annual Connecting With Customers study, which polled nearly 6,000 online shoppers worldwide. More than three-fourths (77 percent) of consumers say they want to get things done as quickly as possible when they’re online. How long are they willing to wait for help online? Just 76 seconds on average, the study found. In a nutshell, consumers want information and assistance instantly, and if they don’t get it from your business’s website, they have no qualms about turning to your competitors.

More than half (58 percent) of consumers report being frustrated by bad service online; 49 percent say websites are frequently hard to navigate and 33 percent complain that it’s hard to locate customer service. As a result, many consumers are abandoning online purchases or searches for information.

What specific problems are most likely to cause online shopping cart abandonment?

  • Unexpected delivery costs – 65 percent
  • Lack of information about product / service / delivery – 57 percent
  • Website difficult to navigate / can’t find what I’m looking for – 53 percent
  • Security concerns – 53 percent
  • Checkout problems – 43 percent
  • Can’t find answer to a question – 41 percent
  • Technical problems (page not found, slow website) – 41 percent

Now that you know what customers hate, what makes for a great online experience? Here’s what matters most to customers in the survey:

  • Getting my issue resolved quickly – 73 percent
  • Getting my issue resolved in a single interaction – 53 percent
  • Dealing with friendly customer service reps – 44 percent
  • Being able to follow up with the same person if necessary – 38 percent
  • Getting customized discounts and offers – 33 percent

What doesn’t matter quite as much? Just 14 percent care about getting customer service via mobile device, and only 6 percent want to be able to get customer assistance on social media.

If you do provide a great online experience, there are many rewards. Some 84 percent of online users say a positive online experience makes them trust a brand more, while 78 percent say it makes them more likely to become a repeat customer.

In contrast, a poor online experience has many risks. It typically leads to abandoning the transaction (45 percent), forming a negative opinion of the company (45 percent) and going to a competing website (41 percent). can help you create a website that meets customer expectations–and more. Learn more about website design by 

Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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