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Is Your Ecommerce Website Giving Mobile Shoppers What They Want?
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More ecommerce shoppers are using their mobile devices to shop. As of the first quarter of this year, Nielsen reports that not only are tablet and smartphone ownership increasing, but a whopping 84 percent of mobile device owners used their devices to shop. That’s a 5 percent increase since 2012. What’s really surprising, though, is that more than one-fourth of those mobile shoppers say they make purchases on their mobile devices more frequently than they do on their PCs.

Mobile shopping is popular among all demographics. Nielsen says mobile shoppers are divided about evenly between men and women; what’s more, with 28 percent of those aged 25-34, 23 percent of those aged 35-44, 20 percent of those aged 45-54 and percent of those 55 and up reporting mobile purchases. Nor is mobile shopping limited to the well-off. While those with incomes over $100K annually tend to be more active mobile shoppers, the biggest growth in mobile shopping is among those with household incomes below $50K. Overall, Nielsen reports, lower and middle incomes consumers account for more than half of smartphone and tablet shoppers.

But if those mobile shoppers head to your website, are they happy with what they find? Likely not, according to a survey by Harris Interactive reported in Internet Retailer. The study found the vast majority (88 percent) of mobile shoppers have had problems shopping on their smartphones—problems that could be driving them away. The survey found:

  • 30 percent of smartphone shoppers who experience problems say they will never go back to that retailer’s site
  • 29 percent say it would take six months or more before they would give the retailer’s website a second chance
  • 33 percent say they would immediately go to a competitor’s website
  • 36 percent would give up on making the purchase altogether

More than half (51 percent) of smartphone owners who report having problems shopping on their phones say ecommerce sites are harder to navigate on a mobile device than on their desktop computers. Specifically, they say:

  • Product images are too small to make a buying decision (46 percent)
  • They’re worried about data security on their smartphone (41 percent)
  • The checkout process is too complicated/long/painful on a smartphone (26 percent)

How can you boost your customer satisfaction with your ecommerce site on mobile? Take Internet Retailer’s advice—the site reports that 64 percent of the ecommerce sites in its Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide offer m-commerce sites and/or mobile apps, as do 39 percent of the merchants in its Internet Retailer Second 500 Guide. can help you build an ecommerce website that works. Learn more at

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