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Jelly and Snapchat: What Small Business Owners Need to Know About These Social Media Networks
25 February 2014

Have you heard of Jelly and Snapchat? I am guessing you know Snapchat, as it has gotten a lot of press since it launched 2 ½ years ago. Jelly, however, just launched on January 7, so I am guessing you might not be as familiar with it. In any case, both are social media networks that you can use for marketing.

Here is what small business owners need to know about Jelly and Snapchat, along with tips on how to use them for marketing:


What is it? A mobile app that lets users find answers to their questions in real-time by crowdsourcing opinions from social networks

How does it work? Take a picture or use one from your phone’s library. Attach a question to it and hit send. The question then goes to users in your network who are likely to know the answer.

How do I use it for marketing?

  • Answer questions based on your area of expertise to increase brand visibility and thought leadership
  • Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can actively seek questions.
  • Ask for product feedback from your customers.
  • Generate pre-product launch buzz.



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What is it? A mobile app that lets you send photos or videos to friends, which then disappear in a few seconds.

Who uses it? Young people ages 13-25. If they are part of your target demographic, you might want to use it, too. Note that you must have a user’s name or handle in order to send them a message.

How do I use it for marketing?

  • Share sneak previews of events, products, videos, content, etc.
  • Send out coupons, special offers, and flash sales.
  • Hold contests – Snapchat is especially fitting for a scavenger hunt.
  • Share exclusive behind-the-scenes videos for top customers.

Have you used Jelly or Snapchat for marketing? What has worked for you, and what has not?

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