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Kudos from the Boise Crowd at the First Web.com Small Business Forum

Web.com Small Business Forum in Boise, IdahoJason Teichman, Web.com’s Chief Marketing Officer, got kudos from the crowd today in Boise, Idaho, as he led the presentation and Q&A on helping small business owners successfully market their business online. Jason discussed ways that SMBs can increase traffic to their website and market their business on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Web.com would like to thank the attendees and the Boise community for helping to make the event such a success. As the first of many forums for small businesses, today’s event was held in conjunction with this week’s Albertsons Boise Open presented by Kraft.

We’d also like to thank the top tweeters at the event—Norris Krueger and Rick Ritter—for helping to spread the word. You can see their tweets below in the Storify thread posted by Shashi Bellamkonda, Web.com’s Senior Director of Social Media.

If you’d like more information about the upcoming forums, check out the current schedule. In October, we’ll be in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and then Dallas, Texas. Stay tuned for details . . . and we hope to see you there!

Web.com Small Business Forum Boise ID

Highlights from the Web.com Small Business Forum "Successfully Market Your Business Online" in Boise ID . For learning about other places where these forums are being held go to http://businessforum.web.com

Storified by Shashi Bellamkonda · Tue, Sep 11 2012 08:19:21

Small-Business Forum | Web.comYou are invited to join Web.com’s Jason Teichman at the Web.com Small Business Forum. This interactive Forum will focus on helping local …
Jason of @webdotcom definitely killed it in his presentation – kudos! Good audience questions too. #GoBoiseNorris Krueger
Online marketing is/can be a key ingredient in building a successful businessritter1947
http://Web.com warm-up Bill Connors on the importance of sports and sports venues to Boise QOL.ritter1947
@webdotcom Thank you again for doing this event – so glad people turned out! Woohoo! #EntrepreneurshipRocksNorris Krueger
At @webdotcom Small Business Forum at @TheBoiseHotel Some great folks in view: @JBeller @ritter1947 & SCORE’s rock star Norm BeckertNorris Krueger
Jason Teichman – Chief Marketing Officer delivering keynote at http://Web.com seminarritter1947
at @webdotcom – "How many of you have website?" >half the room raised hands. "How many are happy w/traffic?" NO hands went up. LOL but…;)Norris Krueger
http://Web.com’s CMO Jason Teichman answers "how do I know my website is working?" @webdotcom SMB Boise forumWeb.com
At @webdotcom – praising Facebook & Twitter but… keep your content current! (a dormant FB page = not good)Norris Krueger

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