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Marketing to Moms in 2015: 6 Things You Must Know
marketing to momsMoms are a huge market for small businesses. Here's what you need to know to improve your marketing to moms in 2015 and beyond.

It’s no secret that moms are a hot target market for many businesses. MediaPost recently published a roundup of some fascinating stats about moms. There’s so much good info, it’s hard to pick just six things to share, but here’s the data I think is most useful and what it means to your small business.

1. They’re mega online shoppers. While the average person makes 76 percent of their purchases online, moms make a whopping 90 percent of their purchases online. No wonder—have you seen how busy the average mom is?

What it means to you: If you have an ecommerce site and aren’t marketing to moms, you’re missing out. Make your site simple to use, with fast checkout and quick load times, to attract her even more.

2. They’re super social. Moms are 20 percent more likely to use social media than the average person. In particular, Millennial moms belong to 3.4 social networks on average.

What it means to you: Your business needs to be on social media, especially if you’re marketing to younger moms.

3. They’re visual. 38 percent of Millennial moms use Pinterest and 33 percent use Instagram. Millennial moms are the biggest Pinterest users compared to moms overall; 43 percent have bought something they saw on Pinterest.

What it means to you: If you haven’t already, start exploring the power of visual social media. Focus first on Pinterest, since that site is more ecommerce-friendly. Share photos of your products, your store, or curate others’ photos, too.

4. Facebook isn’t dead—at least, not among moms. Sixty percent of them visit Facebook several times a day—an increase from 47 percent who did so last year. More than two-thirds of them follow at least one brand on Facebook.

What it means to you: Don’t listen to naysayers saying Facebook is so last year. For many moms, it’s still their biggest online gathering place. Consider using Facebook ads to get in front of moms where they spend major time.

5. They’re influencers, and influenced. Some 65 percent of moms say they’ve bought something because of a recommendation they saw online. In addition, more than half of moms who are social media users say they regularly make purchase decisions based on information they see on blogs. Social media has the biggest influence on moms’ purchasing decisions when it comes to fashion, fitness and beauty.

What it means to you: Reach out to online influencers in the mom blogger space. If appropriate, make sure your business is well represented in online ratings and review sites. Use customer testimonials in your marketing—moms listen to other moms.

6. They’re mobile. Moms spend an average of 2.3 hours per day on mobile media, compared to1.4 hours per day watching TV and 1.4 hours per day on desktop computers. Why do they love mobile? If you’ve ever known a mom schlepping kids around town or sitting on the sidelines during soccer practice, you’ll know—they live on their smartphones and often have spare time to kill.

What it means to you: Make sure your business website is mobile friendly, especially if it’s an ecommerce site (moms are major trendsetters in mobile shopping.) Update your listings in local search directories—moms don’t want to get lost searching for your business.

Follow these tips and you can successfully tap into one of the hottest markets of today—and tomorrow.

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