Full Name

Carl Faulds

Business Advice:The best advice depends on the circumstances at the time! In a crises it’s about identifying the greatest risks, the consequences and then prioritising what needs to be done. If starting with a clean sheet of paper, the advice would be to set some targets, then appreciate that Business is a jigsaw and the key is to have all the right pieces in the right place and it’s a marathon not a sprint, so prepare well (write a business plan) and pace yourself. At the moment my mantra is the right people, doing the right job, organisation structures need to be based on roles, not individuals. Once you have identified all the roles that are required to achieve your target, then the priority is to get the right mix of people to carry out the roles. ‘Building a team’ is not about ‘team spirit’ or ‘bonding’ its about getting the best mix of people doing what they are best at doing.
Define Business Success:It’s an individual measure, depending on who you are and what works for you. For some its money, others its doing something they enjoy, for others it’s a work / life balance – they are all perfectly valid measures of success, society is too quick to measure ‘business success’ based on finances alone. I enjoy the challenge of solving a problem, if its too easy, I get bored, so I am motivated by being tested, the money is a scorecard, but I actually enjoy solving the problem. Successful people are those that know what ticks their personality box, play to their strengths and go for it to maximise their potential, whilst recognising their limitations and don’t worry about measuring themselves against others.
Role Model:Eric Cantona. Not only was he a great footballer, but his self belief and confidence was awesome. My favorite quote is when asked following the sale of some high profile players if he was worried the team would struggle, his reply was ‘Even if it just me against the opposition, I still think I will win’.
Favorite Book:‘Positioning’ by Al Ries and Jack Trout. It’s a business book that has helped me understand marketing and business better than any other.
Single Most Critical Attribute:Self knowledge - to understand yourself well enough to know what you are seeking to achieve and why and identify the relevant skills and learn those that you don’t have. If the headline objective is to own, run or build a business, its about matching the product / service to what the market wants to pay for, having the finance to deliver the product / service at the right price with the right costs. Its almost impossible for one person to have all the skills at the necessary level, so work with the best people to fill the gaps.