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Southampton, United Kingdom

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Business Advice:If it’s dead, move on! Too often we spend too much time on something that has either run its course or will never get up and running.
Define Business Success:If my family life is fine then I know the business is a success. If you have problems in your business with finances or operational issues these can work their way into your private life, if you are not affected by these issues then they can’t be too bad.
Role Model:I don’t have one single role model, my Father has always tried to do the right thing but then again I like people who push the boundaries such as Richard Branson.
Favorite Book:Bravo Two Zero. It just shows you what a small number of people can do with the right motivation.
Single Most Critical Attribute:Consistency. I have seen it too many times where a Director/Manager changes depending on their mood, staff are never too sure about how to act around them or what to say as they don’t know what the reaction will be.