Mini #WGBIZ Reunion at Marketing in the Round Booksigning #g2dc - Women Grow Business
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Mini #WGBiz Reunion at G2 Marketing in the Round DC Booksigning #g2dc

At the #g2dc panel. Ginie Dietrich sprinkles fairy dust.

This past Thursday, June 21, 2012, Gini Dietrich (an occasional Women Grow Business Contributor) and Geoff Livingston (friend of the WGB family) held a book signing and panel discussion for their new book Marketing in the Round (Amazon link below).

Several members of the Women Grow Business community were in attendance, as well as many popular members of the Washington DC Tech community. Here’s a photo summary of the event.

The links are live so visit the various links for more, or follow the #G2Dc hashtag on Twitter.

(If you are reading this article via synidcation and are unable to view the embedded Storify below, click here to reach the live blog post.)

Photos from #g2dc – G2 Marketing in the Round: Washington, DC

Saw a lot of people from the Women Grow Business community at G2 Marketing in the Round: Washington, DC. There’s another version of this coming up in my Storify account with more discussion about the event itself. Also: pictures.

Storified by Tinu Abayomi-Paul · Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:45:05

Maddie Grant Setting It Off

At #G2DC @maddiegrant starting it off. Abayomi-Paul
The #G2DC show aka @geoffliving @ginidietrich kicked off a short while ago #PRShonali Burke
@Tinu here you are with the fabulous G to the D! Im breaking my Twitter suspension for you. Cc@ginidietrich Ziff

The Authors Gini Dietrich & Geoff Livingston & The Book

RT @Jillfoster: Discussing measurement, marketing, & their #G2DC book @geoffliving @ginidietrich (w: he @ AARP Headquarters Livingston
Breakdown silos-figuring out how people can work together–that’s the premise of the #G2DC book.Debbie Friez
Marketing in the Round: How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Digital Era (Que Biz-Tech)"Dietrich and Livingston have given us a practical guide and checklist for organizations to tear down the organizational silos that stand…
RT @maddiegrant: @ginidietrich and @geoffliving starting the show. Yes, she is holding a fairy wand ūüôā #G2DC Konopinski

The Panel Discussion? Rocked! 

Panel discussion at #G2DC. Friez
 Twitter handle of panelists. @LisaByrne @frijolita @maddiegrant @kevinfawley
2nite #G2DC crowd was all abt Developing Integrated Marketing Campaigns in the Digital Era @geoffliving @ginidietrich Ruiz

More Comments and Cameos

Where do we spend our time? Integrate and review so u don’t spend all your time on #Twitter. #G2DCDebbie Friez
Companies are worried about quelling the town cryer on social media when they should be looking to address them publicly. #G2DCLois Arbogast
#G2DC @KevinFawley is hilarious AND spot on re: #socialmedia: "Everyone’s here to learn but no one’s here to teach." Burke
At #g2dc, @JillFoster says, " I like that, ego-driven measurement. " re: what @ginidietrich said. Abayomi-Paul
I didn’t see you take this MT @mayraruiz: #G2DC @geoffliving book signs for the ever lovely, fantabulous + timeless Mitchell
Great great to see your smiles & Mayra this moment in the pic is wonderful! @mayraruiz: @shonali #happiness #wdc #G2DC‚ÄĚJill Foster
RT @lttlewys: RT @fredmcclimans: Thinking deep thoughts with @geoffliving at #G2DC ~Whoa! Awesome!!Geoff Livingston
RT @dfriez: Networking with @shonali & @Mikeschaffer at #G2DC.


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  1. This? Awesome!! It was soooooo good to finally meet you…and to meet others in the WGB community. Next time we need more time together. xoxoxo

    • ¬†@ginidietrich¬†Definitely! Dinner’s on me. Thank you both for a great event – definitely not the same-old, same-old. And to think I almost had to bow out (I can only handle one event a week at this point. But I said yes to you guys first!)

  2. Really, it was an honor to have you all in attendance. I remember when Jill started Women Grow Biz all those years ago. So glad to see it continuing and thriving. Thank you for this Storify summation of the event!

    • ¬†@geoffliving¬†Jill and Shonali made it so easy to keep things going, and are always mentoring me as I move forward, then there’s the community effort for the blogs, and showing up to events.¬†It was a great event. I want to do another one that goes more into the things I learned and pivotal points made during the evening.

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