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New Google AdWords Ad Formats

Google AdWordsGoogle™ recently launched several new ad formats that provide additional opportunities for Google AdWords advertisers to increase the visibility of their ads. As most advertisers know, the competitiveness of the online space seems to grow by the day. As a result, anything that can help ads stand out from the competition is worth a second look.

Here are four new ad formats, along with a quick overview of their functionality:

Ad Sitelinks: The Ad Sitelinks program allows advertisers to display four additional destination URLs within their search network ads. Besides helping ads stand out, the links enable advertisers to improve customer engagement by taking users to the most relevant pages on their website. While this program is only available to a limited number of advertisers at the moment, keep an eye on your account because you may soon gain access to this program, which has the potential to greatly improve campaign performance.

Google Ad Sitelinks

Location Extensions: Through location extensions, advertisers are able to link their AdWords campaigns to their Local Business Center account. Ads featuring location extensions show an address for the business along with a small “+” box. When clicked, the box expands to show a map of the advertiser’s location and more detailed contact information. This format is especially useful for businesses offering a local service within a specific geographic region. If you are a local business, location extensions could be a great way to increase in-store visitors in addition to Web traffic.

Google Location Extensions

Product Extensions: Through Google’s new product extensions, advertisers can link their AdWords ads to their existing Google Merchant Center (GMC) account. Doing so allows advertisers to highlight products directly in their ad copy. When a user’s search query is relevant to a product in an advertiser’s GMC account, the advertiser’s ad displays a small “+” box below the ad. When clicked, the box expands to display the relevant products. If you already have a GMC account, implementing this format is as simple as typing in your username and password.

Google Product Extensions

Comparison Ads: Comparison ads enable users to quickly compare relevant products or services by specifying exactly what they are looking for. Once clicked, the ads take users to a page where they can compare offers from multiple advertisers side by side. This format is very unique because it allows searchers to refine and compare the search results before going to the advertiser’s website. Comparison ads are currently only available to a limited number of advertisers in the mortgage/refinance industry, but they could eventually expand to additional markets.

Google Comparison Ads

Google Comparison Ads 2

While some of these programs are still in testing, several may be implemented on a broader scale very soon. One of the benefits of working with an agency like Search Agency is that we have dedicated search engine representatives who get access to new programs like these before they’re available to the entire market. If you’re interested in working with us and receiving access to programs while they’re still in testing, just send me an email, and I’ll be happy to provide you with more information about our services.

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  1. This is really great information about Google ads. They all look like great formats.

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