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New Twitter Chat Tool: oneQube SmartStream

Twitter lends itself well to many uses, not the least of which is are Twitter chats. Many small business owners rely on these informal, free online gatherings to share information, participate in live interviews with experts, or for informal community discussions.

We have our monthly Women Grow Business Twitter chat coming up today at noon Eastern, and it’s one of the few chances we get to bring together our growing national community. The prevalence of business women in Twitter chats was even covered by CNN in an article featuring members of our community. The point is- Twitter chats are an integral part of the Twitter experience.

So of course the Twitter community reacted with shock with the realization that upcoming changes to the Twitter API would affect major go-to tools for Twitter chat, effectively shutting them downTweetchat, will no longer be available after June 11, and Tweetgrid will likely suffer the same fate.

What are we to do about Twitter chat?

Of course, just because the most favored Twitter chat clients die doesn’t necessarily mean that Twitter chat is dead.

You could still follow chats on the Twitter site or any application that will allow you to isolate a hashtag, such as Tweetdeck. Anyone who has tried will tell you that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Those new to Twitter do best with an interface that shows isolates the stream of tweets related to that chat by hashtag. Chat moderators need features like

A possible replacement has debuted just in the nick of time. From Internet Media LabsoneQube SmartStream, is a free Twitter chat platform, and with it you can:

  • view the isolated view of a hashtag veteran Twitter chatters have come to love
  • control the speed of the tweets showing up in the stream
  • see an overview of current active participants in the chat
  • view a snapshot of recent links being shared in the chat
  • save your own transcript of the chat for later viewing

We’ll be testing how the #wgbiz chat will function on oneQube SmartStream in today’s chat alongside our #wgbiz Tweetchat room– hope to see you there!



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