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Olympic Fashionistas . . . with Pants Fit for a King
24 February 2010
Olympic Fashion and eCommerce

Photo courtesy of
The Norwegian Curling Team's Pants Facebook page

Have you been following the Olympic Games this year? My kids and I have enjoyed them immensely—watching Apollo Ohno and Shaun White has been particularly enjoyable. Unlike the Summer Games, though, the Winter Games seem to provide numerous instances of people crashing, spinning, or falling. These athletes remind us time and again that many of these sports can be VERY difficult . . . and VERY dangerous.

This year, curling—one of the less dangerous Olympic sports—has seen an increase in popularity . . . and gotten a lot of media attention. It’s a highly unusual sport, no doubt, and it’s also a sport known for its superior sportsmanship—players are actually supposed to call penalties on themselves in certain instances.

If you’ve been watching the curling events so far, you’ve probably noticed the pants worn by the Norwegian team: the designs are phenomenal! They give new meaning to the term “hot pants.” The people who started this “Loudmouth” fashion trend are actually Web.com eCommerce customers. Scott “Woody” Woodworth, the founder and chief designer, and Larry Jackson, the CEO, have really hit gold this year. Because of the recent surge in curling followers, The Norwegian Curling Team’s Pants’ Facebook page has more than 360,000 fans. Wow . . . talk about a viral marketing sensation! You may want to become a fan yourself.

The curling team is even planning to give the King of Norway a pair of the signature pants at the Olympic Games this year. When asked if he’d accept the gift, the King responded: “Sure, they’re the coolest pants I’ve ever seen.” These pants are fit for a King!

P.S. If you’d like to order a pair of pants or other Loudmouth apparel, visit their estore today.

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  1. Hahaha! Really cool looking pants! 🙂 Great job, Web.com! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Adrixe! We agree on the pants. 😉

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