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Restaurant Tool of the Week: Google Alerts
8 February 2013

Restaurants need to keep track of what’s being said about them, but it’s not enough to watch each
and every review site — at one count, we saw over 10 of them, and that didn’t include networks like
Twitter, Facebook, or anyone and everyone’s personal blogs.

You could spend all day online looking for mentions of you and your restaurant, and you’d still miss
them all.

That’s why we like Google Alerts as our brand watchdog.

The search giant indexes millions of websites a day, looking for any and all important keywords,
including yours. So why not put that to work for you?

Go to, and enter your
restaurant name. “Use quotes” around the name if it has more than one word; that tells Google to
find exactly that phrase. Otherwise, it returns all instances of all the words, regardless of where they
appear on the page.

Set the Result Types to Everything, How Often to Daily,
and How Many to All Results.

This way, you will receive a once-a-day email of any and every time someone mentions your
restaurant name in a blog post, news article, or restaurant review. Then you can respond accordingly,
either thanking the person for the compliment, or offering to fix any problems.

There are other tools to help keep track of your restaurant brand and name (i.e. setting up a search
column on your favorite Twitter client), but Google Alerts will save you time while still keeping a
watchful eye on your brand.


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