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Restaurants Social Media Marketing Roundup

This week we revisited the restaurant business, and how to use some social media tools to their
advantage, deal with customer complaints, and improve customer satisfaction.

On Monday, we looked at how restaurants can use Pinterest, Instagram, and
Foursquare as ways people can share photos of their dining experience at your restaurant. They
can pin photos from your website, share their own Instagram photos, and leave photos on their
Foursquare checkins.

We talked about getting people to leave positive reviews for you on Tuesday,
on different social networks like Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and even on Foursquare. Just ask them through
a table tent, or even leaving a QR code to your Yelp page, asking for love-it-or-hate-it feedback.

Wednesday was about how to deal with negative feedback on these sites,
including never to fight back, but to apologize instead, and offer to fix the problem. That way, other
people get to see how well you treat everyone, including the complainers.

Of course, you can’t monitor social media all day long. You have a restaurant to run. So
Thursday was about how to set up Google Alerts to keep track of what other
people are saying about you on social media.

Restaurants have a whole slew of tools available to them to help them market and promote their
business. They can even take advantage of the word-of-mouth marketing on behalf of their
customers telling their friends about the experience they had at your restaurant. Why not put that to
work for you?


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