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Salon and Spa Social Media Success Stories

This week, we’ve been talking about salons and spas, and how they can use social media to promote themselves. During our research, we found an interesting story about one particular salon that, with the help of a digital marketing agency, saw some impressive social media success.

Jocelyn Rimbey is a digital marketing manager with the Cyphers Agency, and helped the Robert Andrew Salon and Spa reach their audience with social media. We were so impressed with the results, which Jocelyn blogged about, we thought they were worth mentioning.

First, Robert Andrew had a reputation management issue to solve, namely a few negative online reviews, plus a former employee running their own personal smear campaign. Robert Andrew also needed to overcome a lack of awareness by most potential clients.

So Jocelyn’s agency created an Ambassador Program that asked long-time, loyal clients to share their love for Robert Andrew with their own social networks. By using Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, Robert Andrew received some excellent traffic, and more than 40 positive reviews to counter the negative ones.

Here are some of their wins:

  • Flickr Photo Views: 47,727
  • YouTube Video Views: 1,389
  • Facebook Page Views: 3,257
  • Twitter Post Views: 517
  • Review Site Posts & Views: 300
  • Online Forum Posts & Views: 333
  • Robert Andrew Blog Views: 168

Of course, it doesn’t take a digital agency to do all this; you do need to invest time into it. But the payoffs can be stellar, making social media one of the most cost-effective (and successful) marketing channels available.


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