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Secrets of Success: Ramon Ray

We’ve launched Secrets of Success, a new weekly interview series here at the’s Small Business Forum. I’ve asked some of the smartest, innovative, successful people I know to share their insights and success secrets.

Meet: Ramon Ray, the energetic entrepreneur and technology evangelist at Ramon is a writer and speaker and authored the best-selling Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing. Ramon shares his passion for helping small businesses grow through technology at Infusionsoft.

Rieva Lesonsky: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ramon Ray: FBI agent then; now, a Secret Service agent (part of the Presidential protective detail or counterassault team).

Lesonsky: Why did you start your own business?

Ray: The love of educating others, but I’ve always had some “side hustle” going at one time or another.

Lesonsky: Did you experience a pivotal moment on your way to success?

Ray: Yes, about 10 to 15 years ago, when Inc. and Black Enterprise magazines asked me to write for them over. Up til then, I didn’t know there was such a thing as “freelance writing.” Then Inc. asked me to speak at the Inc. 500 conference.  I didn’t know folks paid you to speak!

Lesonsky: What’s the best small business advice you ever gave and/or received?

Ray: Ask smart people lots of questions; be very (strategically) persistent; and build your own personal brand (people want to be around “rock stars”).

Lesonsky: What’s one “best practice” more entrepreneurs should be embracing?

Ray: Discipline yourself to focus on the growth of your business, and learn to delegate and follow up.

Lesonsky: Do you have a 2014 small business prediction?

Ray: The gulf between those who succeed and those who fail in business will widen.

Lesonsky: Do you have a favorite book?

Ray: I try to read the Bible daily. I really enjoy books that focus on business growth stories–Built to Last, Good to Great, Outliers and others from my Infusionsoft reading list.

Lesonsky: Is there a quote you find particularly inspiring?

Ray: Life is a journey. —Ramon Ray

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