Sightings from the Women's Leadership Soirée - Are You In These Photos? #wgbiz #smwwdc -
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Sightings from the Women’s Leadership Soirée – Are You In These Photos? #wgbiz #smwwdc

The professional photo set from the Women’s Leadership Soirée is now available.

Joy, Tinu, Ify and Ashley

Nakeva Photography was on site to capture the evening for us and the pictures came out beautifully.

They’ll also be uploaded to our Facebook page after we gather as much information as possible about those pictured. For the time being, you can view them on Flickr or in the slideshow below.

Want to help us get these up in Facebook faster? If you see a picture of yourself, please respond in the comments with your full name, Twitter handle and website.

In the meantime, we’ll tag as many people as we can and make an announcement on Facebook when the set is available over there. You can read a full recap of our Women’s Leadership Soirée in DC here, where an update with a few of these shots is now in progress.

(And of course, if you want your comments/photos included, send a tweet with the hashtag #wgbiz or leave a comment on our Facebook page. )

Click on the show to view the full set on Flickr.


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