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Small Biz Tip: 4 Smart Ways to Cultivate Backlinks
Marketing and design

Backlinks are when another website links to yours, usually through your content. The bottom line about backlinks: They can really help boost your SEO. The more backlinks you get, the higher your site ranks in search engine results, since backlinks show that other websites value your content. The simplest way to cultivate backlinks is to add a backlink plugin to your blog site. Plugins do everything from checking to make sure the backlinks are working to making it easier for others to grab a URL. Social media can help too. When you share a link from your website on social media, there’s a good chance someone in your social media circles will see it and share. Next, try offering a guest blog post to another website and ask if it can include backlinks to your website. Finally, make sure you’re constantly creating new, informative content that others will want to backlink.

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