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Small Biz Tip: How Is Social Media Affecting Search?
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Marketers are obsessed with social media users—their online habits, their likes and dislikes and, of course, how they can reach them. The obsession is well-founded, according to a Wildfire report conducted by Forrester Consulting. The report found that paid ads on social networks are the top way that social network users discover new brands and products. A whopping 41 percent of them say that’s one way they typically become aware of new goods on the market. (Internet searches via search engines were the second most popular method, cited by 34 percent of social media users.) Does this mean you can ignore your business website and just focus on social media? Not at all: The same report found that once social media users like a brand on social media, 55 percent of them keep in touch by visiting that brand’s website. can build a website that meets all your needs. Learn more about our website design services

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