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Small Biz Tip: Promoted Posts vs. Facebook Ads: Which Works Better?

You probably aren’t surprised that Facebook wants to charge you to reach some of their 1.26 billion users, but you may be confused on which method would work best for your business. Facebook offers two paid methods to reach your target audience: 1) Facebook ads and 2) Promoted Posts. Which method you should use really depends on your goals. If you’d like to get more followers, the Facebook ad can be targeted to appear on the news feeds of users who fit the exact user profile you want to reach, based on factors such as location, gender, age, hobbies and more. The Promoted Post goes to followers you already have; it appears in their newsfeed higher up with bigger pictures to capture more attention. You can also have it show up in the feeds of your followers’ Facebook friends. Both methods are inexpensive enough that you can test either or both without breaking the bank. Facebook has more information to help you make your decision.

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