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Small Business Tip of the Day: Got Desktop?
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Don’t count out baby boomers when designing your website for research and shopping. In a 2013 poll for business technology consultant Infosys conducted by KRC Research and Vanson Bourne, two-thirds of U.S. Internet users aged 50 to 69 agreed “strongly” with the statement, “When making a big or expensive purchase, I search online to compare prices across stores or retailers.” And, while younger consumers do research on their smartphones while they are actually in the store, boomers are more likely to do pre-purchase research online before they even step out their doors, with most of them are doing the research on their desktop computers. That doesn’t mean you can assume boomers never use mobile–but it does mean your website needs to fit every platform customers might be using, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

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    1. My father was the first person to teach me about tech in a way that got me excited, from a very young age, particularly computers and the web. On the one hand, he still calls it AmericaN Online, and any time he visits the States I have to help him figure out getting online initially.

      On the other? The first time I saw an iPod in person it was his. He knew how to hook it up to a gizmo that made it play music in other rooms — he may be getting up in years but hasn’t lost his sharpness. Counting the boomers out of any of this is a mistake. My grandmother is 87 and has a Blackberry. My mother had the iPhone before I even considered it a “real phone”. Watching them all has taught me to think before I judge.

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