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Small Business Tip of the Day: How to Entice “Sensible” Holiday Shoppers

A new study from Accenture predicts a promising holiday season for 2013, with holiday shoppers planning on spending 11 percent more than last year. But caution: Shoppers say they’ll be hunting for bargains and focusing on sensible gifts. Not to worry. You can capture these sensible shoppers if you focus your marketing efforts on why your product or service is needed and appeal to their practical side. Sensible shoppers will want to see and touch a product before purchasing, so make sure you have plenty of stock on hand and a well-organized store with easy-to-find items. As far as marketing, make sure the message is clear on who the product will appeal to and why. Last, but not least, make sure you have a clear return policy so shoppers know if the items isn’t right, the person receiving the gift can make an easy exchange.

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