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Social Media: Yep, It’s World-of-Mouth Marketing Now

Social MediaThe statistics that were compiled for a recent post (and video) on the Socialnomics blog undeniably proclaim the powerful reach and draw of social media, which have tipped the traditional push-and-pull paradigm in marketing toward a new one that puts consumers comfortably and determinedly at the helm of control.

So what does this mean for marketers? It means they’ll be connecting more and more with consumers based on their “socialgraphics.” Why? Because consumers are the ones who are building their fan base, vetting their followers, controlling their professional contacts, and so on. The social network has become the new marketing interface, where consumers are engaging with your company, declaring their preferences, and promoting your brand.

And as the blog post rightly emphasizes, with the extensive use of Twitter on mobile devices, for example, just think how much influence a consumer can have—anywhere, anytime—when he or she has had a bad customer experience. Yep, it’s world-of-mouth marketing now.

How does social media factor into your marketing strategy? Do you have any statistics to share? Please leave me a comment.


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  1. I use social media a lot and I have seen the difference it makes in terms of traffic. For example, I tweeted a recent post on my blog and had someone with a pretty good following retweet it and saw my clicks double. So, I have made it a point to reach out to the most influential people in my social networks to benefit from their ability to move people.

  2. That’s clever strategy, Charles. People who deliberately choose to ignore the value of social media can be thought of as similar to those door-to-door salesmen who thought that using the telephone to try to sell was absurd.

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